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Downeast is a beautiful rural region that includes the coast of Maine along the Penobscot Bay. Closely tied with Acadia, Downeast is yet another popular tourist and vacation destination. Lakefront and oceanfront rentals are both available throughout Downeast Maine. If you are interested in a rental for a few weeks or a whole season, chances are you will find your dream property somewhere in Downeast, Maine.

Downeast is a large region that includes East Penobscot Bay, Schoodic and Downeast, Ellsworth and Trenton, and Mount Desert Island. Each subregion within Downeast has its own unique flavor and cultural focus. Some communities are focused so much on the seafood industry, while others slightly farther away from the coast have a more agricultural economy. The Downeast region is also extremely close to Acadia National Park. Many visitors will opt to stay in the more developed yet still natural Downeast region, and make daytrips out to famous Acadia.

However, for the vacationers looking for that additional level of comfort, who want to feel more like they are experiencing living in Downeast rather than staying there as a tourist, renting a cottage or cabin may be a better option. Many cottages and cabins are available for longer stays (usually rentable by week or entire season) and these properties often include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. Renting a cottage or cabin is the perfect option for the independent vacationer, for those who like to cook for themselves and treat their vacation house like a home. Most visitors who choose to stay in gorgeous Downeast Maine a month or more will opt for a rental property.

So as you plan your stay in Downeast Maine across the seasons, be sure to consider all the important choices that really make a vacation enjoyable. From location to rental property type, all these factors combined will make for a truly enjoyable Downeast, Maine vacation. Whether you are an individual, couples, or family group, there are so many rental options in Downeast, Maine from which you can choose. Book your Downeast, Maine rental today to experience the pleasures of the Maine culture and natural terrain.

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